Kettle Bells

So this was the last exercise of my workout today, and I tried to rock it.  The camera was rolling, so I thought I had better.  Age is a funny thing; there are times I feel like I don’t want to get out of the chair, but there are other times when I feel unstoppable, just like when I was 20.  Here, I was feeling pretty good.  The juices were flowing.

I don’t have a big opinion on American vs. Russian kettle bell technique.  I just wanted to make sure I was getting a strong hip hinge and that my technique was good, and I gauged that by how high up the weight was coming up.  I assumed that was telling me I was getting a good drive off the bottom of the movement.  Then I just didn’t resist the weight’s upward movement.  I just let it go as far up as it wanted to go.

This is the way to start the day!


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