This image reminds me of a wonderful time some years ago on a family vacation.  My daughter was a tyke, running around on the beach at Treasure Island in FL, and her mom and I had nothing better to do than watch her chase seaguls and squeal with laughter.  I don’t have a picture of that, unfortunately, but it is as securely stored in my mind as it could be.  As is the image of my wife smiling back at me, marveling over the wonder of our child.

My wife died of cancer about 10 years ago, and my daughter is a judgmental young woman–judgmental toward me at least.  I guess that’s to be expected at her age.  I keep telling myself it’s good to practice my shame resilience!  She gives me lots of practice.

This image reminds me to notice everyday small things.  Appreciate even the simple–especially the simple!!–pleasures of life.  Herein lie the treasures of life.  They are hidden in ordinary moments.


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