Hello Again World!

I’ve had several blogs over the years, but they all come back to the same problem: how do I publish an emotionally vulnerable and genuine blog without sharing that vulnerability with scammers and thieves and nosy gossipers?  I can’t.  It’s like having your cake and eating it too.  When the internet was smaller, I could get away with it a little more easily, but now, there’s no way.  There are entire industries built around snarfing up every bit of personal information that isn’t nailed down.  And now there are engines that will rip even those bits of personal info right out of the ground.  So, just having a Facebook page or a Twitter account, it’s something you’d better think about these days.  Everything is recorded.  Forever.

And yet, I sometimes have trouble finding my car keys or my wallet.  So where’s technology when you need it?  Yep.  It’s mostly there when you don’t need it.  Or whenever it’s most embarrassing.  But, life is embarrassing.

This WordPress adventure started today because I was reactivating my Linux Counter page.  I’m user 49649 apparently.  I thought that was a high number, but they’re much higher now.  I was simply wondering how I could improve my Gravatar, and I learned that they came free with a WordPress account.  Which was also free.  Cool.  So Hello Again, World!